Fly Fishing Tailwaters - Part 5 - Presentation








While wade fishing, the best approach is to cast about 45 degrees upstream in most currents. When casting in a faster moving current, go higher-and in slower currents, move more towards straight across.

Your flies will sink much more slowly than you imagine. If you want an eye opener, find a swimming pool and throw a penny in and then count the seconds until it hits the bottom. When you cast into water that is moving, if you don't cast the fly upstream you won't get a long enough drift to get the flies down to the bottom, and that is where trout eat nymphs. After casting, allow the flies to sink and when the indicator is across from you, mend.

Be aware that when the flies lift and begin to swing toward the surface, they can often imitate the natural insects as they emerge, and fish will often strike these flies just before the hatch. When they do this, it's called "a take on the swing." This also serves as a signal that the hatch may be about to become visible.

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