Reading Riseforms - Part 2

Exerpted from the book Fly Fishing the Solitude–Montana

Many thanks to my good friend and illustrator Mark Lewis. If you'd like to contract Mark to do illustrations, contact him at (719) 471-9400 or

Riseform 4

Riseform 5

Riseform 6


Illustration Four – The Take

The physics of the take are complex. Since trout don't have the means to place the fly into their mouths, they instead move very close to the fly and then suck it in by expelling water out their gills. This creates a vacuum that pulls the insect into the trout's open mouth. To prevent the fly from escaping, the fish will normally quickly close its mouth, often leaving an air bubble on the surface. The riseform rings begin to expand and move downstream with the fish.

Illustration Five – The Turn

After the fish takes the fly, it will turn its head down and begin to move out of the current and away from the surface. The riseform rings continue to expand and move downstream.

Illustration Six – The Return

The trout moves away from the pull of the current and begins its return journey back to its original holding spot. Many times the fish will move into an eddy current that is moving back upstream. This provides the fish with a current to ride and minimizes expended energy.

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